Prayer for the Intercession of Saints Louis and Zélie Martin

Saints Louis and Zélie Martin,
After knowing the desire of a religious life,
you heard God’s calling to the vocation of marriage.

You who are “unequalled parents”
Who your daughter St. Thérèse of the Child-Jesus speaks about,
Happy parents of Leonie, servant of God sister Françoise-Thérèse,
Of Maire, Pauline and Céline, transplanted on the mountain of Carmel,
And of four other children delighted by your affection in their early age:
Hélène, Joseph, Jean-Baptiste and Mélanie-Thérèse.

You gave all glory to God
Through your humble and patient work, your devotion to those the most in need,
Your family life where happiness reigned through loving and being loved,
You truly lived your daily lives through the joys and difficulties of your existence,
You love us as your own children, with the heart of a father and the heart of a mother because you are the friends of God,

Hear our pray and grant us our request (name the request…) and intercede for us with God the Father, through Jesus Christ our Lord, and with the grace of the Holy Spirit.

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