Relics travelling around the world

to find the calendar of the different reliquaries travelling


The Reliquary of St. Thérèse, called the Centenary reliquary (began travelling in the year of the centenary of the death of Thérèse in 1997)

8 January to 31 May 2018 Philippines
Mid June to the end of July Rwanda
Early August to mid-September Burundi
28 September to 12 November Nordic countries

The Reliquary of St. Thérèse, called the « Gothic » Reliquary (because of its shape)

7 December to 9 January Diocese of Lille with the Martin couple
1 to 11 February Diocese of Paris
13 to 27 February Diocese of Nice
4-15 May Diocese of Paris
18-28 May Diocese of Créteil
29 ou 30 mai au 3 juin Parish of Ste-Trinité des Monts – Diocese Bayeux/Lisieux
FETES THERESIENNES 29 Sept 7 Oct Tend ays of celebrations, processions with the Relics, (weekend of the opening and closing of the feast days), prayers, conferences, guided tours.
13 et 27 October Lisieux
12-17 December Diocese of Lyon
4-15 May Diocese of Paris
30 May to 2 June Châlons sur Saône with Martin couple

Reliquary of Louis and Zélie Martin

7 December 2017 to 08 January 2018 Diocese of Lille
23 January to 1st March Italy
27 April to 3 May Diocese of Meaux
14 to 19 June Germany
19 to 27 June Germany
29 October to  07 September Celebrating Thérèse
28 September a 12 novembre Nordic countries with Centenary Reliquary
7 to 13 or 13 to 19 January Diocese of Lyon
30 May to 02 June Châlons sur Saône with Gothic Reliquary