-Infos COVID19-

Opening times (covid19) :

  • Basilica : 10h-18h
  • Espace de la Miséricorde: exhibition and meditation : 10h – 18h
  • Film (Basilica) : Every afternoon (2pm, 3pm, 4pm), Basilica of St. Therese, length of the film: 35min
  • Confessions (Basilica, Carmel) : 15h – 17h
  • Carmel, Memorial : 7h – 18h30
  • St Peter’s Cathedral : 9h – 18h30
  • Carmel’s bookstore : 9h – 13h / 14h-18h
  • Buissonnets, family home : 13h30 – 18h
  • The pilgrims’ house Ermitage Sainte Thérèse will open on July 10th.

Please wear a facemask and bring your own masks with you, be careful with social distancing, at each site there is hand sanitizer, you must wash your hands when you enter and leave. The use of mask is mandatory during the masses, as well as washing your hands using the hydroalcoholic gel.


From Monday to Saturday

  • 15h30 : Basilique


  • 10h30 : Basilique supérieure (from Easter Sunday to Sunday of Christ King) dimanche de Basilique inférieure (from the first Sunday of Advent to Palm Sunday)
  • 17h : Basilique inférieure

1st, 3rd et 5th Sunday of each month

  • 9h : Mass Motu Proprio
    Basilique inférieure


During the week:

  • 8h – 9h (with the Carmelites) – 11h15

New procedures because of the virus : Numbers are restricted to 40 people per mass at the carmel.

Sunday :

  • 9h – 11h15 (with the Carmelites)
    N.B. 8h at the chapel in the Ermitage


  • weekdays : 18h
  • Sunday : 10h30