The modern message of Saints Louis and Zélie Martin

We are aware of many aspects of the daily life of this family from the XIX century thanks to the numerous pages of family letters and to the works of Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus.

Family Life

The Martin couple was made for each other; they loved each other deeply and were gentle and attentive towards each other. Strict but kind parents they brought their children up to love God and all humans. They fully assumed their role as father and mother through the difficulties they encountered.

By choosing a simple life for their family, Louis and Zélie turned down the worldliness that their social status and fortune could have given them.

Social Life

Louis and Zélie were very active in the daily lives managing the difficulties that go with having their own company. They were hard-working, dedicated, attentive to their employees’ needs and helping them through personal difficulties.

They also helped out those who were destitute through their involvement in the Cercle Vital Romet of the Conference of Saint Vincent de Paul.

They were generous and attentive to the meekest and poorest who showed them their gratefulness.

Ecclesiastical Life

They went to mass every morning. They originated the night time Adoration and participated in different organizations. Louis often went on pilgrimages to different sanctuaries. Both of them held priest in great esteem and showed again and again their love of the Church.

They prayed frequently and God was always first in their daily occupations.

Trials in life

Louis Martin and Zélie Guérin were first tried with the discernment of their respective vocations which saw them go from the desire of a religious life to the grace of marriage and a family life which was happy and fulfilled.

They lost four young infants. As parents, they encountered many difficulties with Leonie even though she became a “Servant of God” on 18th December 2014 because of her renowned saintliness as she was so open to the love of God and of her neighbor.

They also experienced earthly illness as Zélie suffered from breast cancer and died ages forty-six, leaving behind a devastated family who would forever miss their wife and maman.

Twelve years later Louis suffered from cerebral arteriosclerosis which causes signs of dementia and was compelled to go into a home for three years. Having become paralyzed he

A life, A message

Through their ordinarly and simple life, living life at their time, the family of Saints Louis and Zéline Martin, with their joys and their pains, is an opportunity and an example given to the Church and to the world to help us understand today, the importance of living real love with our families first as husband and wife and between parents and children.

The life of Saints Louis and Zélie Martin is an invitation to put God in the first place in each of our families and to continue to “Live of love” as their daughter wrote and as shown by their daughter Léonie “Servant of God, Sister Françoise-Thérèse”.

Through their daily lives given to God as a family, Louis and Zélie Martin have made saintliness both achievable and desirable.