Tailor-made weekend

Are you planning to get married? This weekend is designed for you who are preparing for the wedding. The engagement is a blessed time, both demanding and filled with graces, where we experience how important it is to lay the foundations on Christ and to always move forward in a relationship of dialogue with the loved one.

In the light of Saints Louis and Zélie Martin, conjugal love is a pilgrimage to eternal beatitude.

Come and entrust your relationship as a couple and your life project to the saints Louis and Zélie Martin, the first couple canonized in the history of the Church.

In Lisieux, you will discover the life of Louis and Zélie Martin in a privileged and unprecedented way. For a time of deep heart to heart, you will be surrounded by the holy spouses who, by the example of their loving life in faith, bear witness to the divine beauty of commitment in mutual love and trust. With the help of the speakers, you will identify the different stages that Louis and Zélie have taken to move forward in love. They show us that married life is a path to holiness. Saints Louis and Zélie Martin, in whose school the fiancés are placed, were able to root their family love in the love of God in order to live it and translate it into the daily life of their existence, in their life as a wife and as a husband. husbands, parents, in their working life and commitment to society.

You will experience time in a group and moments of sharing for two. Throughout the weekend, you will get to know Louis and Zélie Martin and there emanates, little by little, a closeness full of affection with them which makes them love them and makes you want to follow them!

Love is not only a feeling but also a choice which involves will and freedom, heart, reason and faith. By going to pray in front of their Shrine, you will entrust your union and your future home in trust and love. Priests and lay people from the Sanctuary of Saint Thérèse will accompany you in your process.

Several weekends are scheduled each year, choose the date that suits you!

Next weekend: November 12-13, 2022, register!