procession mariale-min

Torchlight processions

Marian torchlight processions are organized throughout the year on the “Chemin de Marie”, located below the Basilica.

The Martin family fully lived their devotion to the Virgin Mary. Zélie Martin made a trip to Lourdes in 1877, 20 years after the apparitions, and Thérèse describes herself as follows: “I am the little flower of the Immaculate”. Thérèse's devotion to the Blessed Virgin is deep and Thérèse recognizes in her her Mother in Heaven.

The statue of the “Virgin of the Smile” which accompanies the processions was offered to the young Louis Martin by an old lady of Alençon very pious and confident to find in him a person worthy to welcome such a present. Single, Louis places her in his Pavilion where he retires to read and pray. After her marriage, the statue becomes the center of family prayer.

We surround it with flowers during the month of Mary. Zelie often turns to the Blessed Virgin and confides that she has received " favors that only I know  ". In the family house of Les Buissonnets, the statue retains a predominant place.

The statue “enters Carmel” brought by Céline in 1894. It is placed at the entrance to Thérèse's cell.

We read on the first page of theStory of a Soul :

«  Before taking the pen, I knelt in front of the statue of Mary, I begged her to guide my hand so that I did not draw a single line that was not pleasant to her. »

Saint Therese