Each year, more than fifty people, French and foreign, come to give time for the pilgrims. All of them bear witness to the spiritual and human enrichment that their stay in Lisieux has brought them.

Volunteer time is divided into 2 saisons :
  • thesummer, reserved for: students, students, seminarians or young professionals
  • the rest of the year, that is to say from Easter to the end of June et from September to mid-October : open to all available goodwill!
In both cases, volunteers are responsible for:
  • welcome and inform pilgrims and tourists passing through the Basilica, occasionally at Saint-Pierre Cathedral or at Les Buissonnets (house of Saint Thérèse);
  • hold hotlines in exhibition venues;
  • guide the pilgrims in July and August (guided pilgrimage to Teresian places starting from Carmel);
  • help gatherings of young people (in May and June).
Conditions to be a volunteer:
  • age : from 18 years old…;
  • length of stay : 3 weeks minimum if you are coming for the first time;
  • qualities : have common sense, be available and open, be punctual, like good humor and camaraderie.

for foreigners, it is essential to speak French well.

Sanctuary of Sainte-Thérèse

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Bonds of prayer and friendship are created every day. So many encounters that will stay in my memory forever.


I am leaving like a new Missy who has changed not only by Saint Thérèse and the atmosphere of Lisieux, but by all those I have met here.


I have found our service very useful and I encourage all young people who love adventures not to hesitate and come here for an adventure of another kind, it is the adventure of faith, of meeting and of friendship. It is the language of love that has helped us to live and to build strong bonds… I ask Saint Thérèse to teach me to love and not to be afraid to love.

Brother Bechara

Lisieux is a place of grace where we can draw all that we need… and that is what I wish for all the volunteers, to take with them the grace that Thérèse gives them…


I have discovered different faces of the Church through pilgrims from all over the world and through the cosmopolitan community of volunteers (Poland, the Czech Republic, Belgium,…) Saint Thérèse gives me a taste of COMING BACK. Blessed are you Lord!

John Lin