The miracle of Valence

Louis and Zélie Martin were beatified in Lisieux on 19th October 2008. In order for them to be canonized the Church had to recognize a miracle obtained through their intercession. This miracle was obtained for a premature child in Valencia in Spain.

Carmen was born on 15th October 2008, after 28 weeks of a difficult pregnancy. “Be ready for the worst” the midwife told them. Complications that are frequent with premature babies arose: respiratory distress, double septicemia, brain hemorrhage at a very advanced stage, etc.

Because the child was born on the feast day of St. Thérèse of Avila, the father went to a Carmel outside of the town. The sisters took this intention to heart. The parents came to mass every Sunday and left quickly to go back to the hospital.

At the end of November, the situation seemed hopeless. For the first time, the mother was allowed to touch her baby, the incubator was left open. The family began to speak about the funeral.

On 23rd November, the Carmel prior gave the parents a prayer to Louis and Zélie in Spanish. They didn’t know them at all, no more than their famous daughter Thérèse of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face.

The following day there was a change. Contrary to what could be expected Carmen fought the infection. She began recuperating and so much so that she could leave the hospital on 2nd January 2009.

One point remained worrying; the hemorrhage on the brain that was dilating her skull and causing pain. An examination was programmed for 19th February. It would probably be necessary to operate. A new “offensive” of prayer began to the Martin parents whose reliquary happened to be going through the Sactuary at Llerida just before. Carmen’s dad and her big brother Ismaël (born in 2004) and the grandparents went there to pray and to give thanks. From their monastery the Carmelites joined them in prayer. A few days later a scan revealed that the brain hemorrhage had disappeared, there were no more scars and what is even more surprising (to this day the doctors can’t explain it) there were no neurological or motor aftereffects.


This unexplained cure was recognized as a miracle in Rome on 18th March 2015 by Pope Francis.

Carmen’s parents announced after this recognition:

« The news of a possible canonization of Blessed Louis Martin and Zélie Guerin fills us with emotion, joy and gratitude. For us, they are part of our family since we prayed to them and they interceded for us to our Lord to grant us the cure of our daughter. The Martin couple is an example of family union whose foundation is love and respect of children. And thanks to them, we can show these values to our two children.”