The miracle in Milan

On 10th June 2003, Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi, Archbishop of Milan, recognized a miracle from Louis and Zélie Martin. This allowed for both of them to be beatified. This is the second time in the history of the Church that a couple is beatified together, after the couple Luigi and Maria Beltrame Quattrocchi (Italians) were beatified on 21st October 2001.

The miracle obtained was in favor of a newborn child Pietro Schiliro. The child is now 13 years old. He was born with serious respiratory problems on 25th May 2002 and was fighting for his life for 40 days in Saint Gérard de Monza hospital. Right from the beginning his situation was compromised. On 3rd June his parents decided to have him baptized as he was in imminent danger of death. Father Antonio Sangalli, from the Carmel order, who was a friend and spiritual advisor to the couple rushed to the hospital with a picture of St. Thérèse’s parents. “We knew St. Thérèse, we had read her works but we knew very little about her parents”, said Adele, Pietro’s mum. “Padre Antonio explained to us that Thérèse’s parents had lost four children : praying to them would help us understand the meaning of what was happening to us and our little Pietro. We accepted this with confidence: in a way knowing their daughter Thérèse we felt that asking her parent for help was a natural thing.”

The Schiliro family began a novena to the Martin parents and asked their friends and those who knew them, families at the school gates, people from the Parish, ecclesiastical groups to all pray with a picture and the novena to Louis and Zélie Martin….and this went all the way to Cambodia where a family friend was a missionary. However, the biopsy on 5th June confirmed a dark future for Pietro, reducing his hopes of survival, even with respiratory assistance.

« So many people were praying with us and for us » says Pietro’s mum;

“but initially, I was resigned, I was already thinking about the funeral and all that would happen after it”. However, friends encouraged them to ask for a cure for Pietro. So, on 13th june, in the presence of numerous friends and after having recited the rosary, the Schiliro family began a second novena with confidence in the intercession of the Martin parents. Doctors and nurses took part in this prayer. And it was a nurse who announced on 29th June that the newborn child was improving. Pietro no longer needed oxygen 100% of the time. In the space of a few days he was able to breathe on his own and on 27th July he was given to his parents in perfect health.

“Considering the complexity of this case and the clinical evolution” can be read on the medical report, “we recognize the cure as a surprising fact”.

This unexplained cure was recognized as a miracle in Rome on 3rd July 2008 by Pope Benedict XVI

Following this acknowledgement, here is the statement from Adele and Valter, Pietro’s parents ;

“We thank God non-stop for his mercy towards us. He accepted Louis and Zélie’s intercession and cured our little Pietro. He demonstrated his love by an extraordinary act in the aim of helping us recognize his loving Presence in the ordinariness of our lives. 

Louis and Zélie experienced the circumstances of their daily lives in the confidence of the Bounty of our Father and this helps us and supports us in our daily lives.”