Steps towards their canonisation

1946 – The Bishop of Lisieux expressed the wish to have the parents of St. Thérèse, Louis and Zélie’s cause examined.

On 22nd March 1957, the process concerning Louis Martin began. It lasted12 years and was closed on 12th February 1969.

At the same time in the diocese of Séez, the process began for Zélie Martin, from 10th October 1957 to 21st January 1959.

For the first time in the history of the Church, Pope Paul VI wanted the two causes to be united in one only and entrusted them in 1971 to the l’Office historique de la Congrégation

1994 – On 26th March, the « heroism » of the virtues of Louis and Zélie Martin was signed by Pope John Paul II in Rome for the year of the Family.

2008 – On 3rd July Pope Benedict XVI recognized the miraculous healing of the little boy Pietro Schiliro, who was born in Milan in 2002.

2008 – On 19th October the Martin parents were beatified in Lisieux.

2013 – On 7th January, the Archbishop of Valence (Spain) Mgr. Carlos Osoro opened an enquiry into the miraculous cure in Valence (Spain) of the little Carmen. 21st May closed the diocesan phase of the canon process of the miracle by the Archbishop in the presence of Mgr Boulanger, Bishop of Bayeux and Lisieux and Mgr. Haber, Bishop of Séez.

2013 – Rome, the file for the canonization for the Martin couple is being studied: Father Antonio Sangalli, OCD, vice postular for the Cause, transferred the acts of the Cause to the congregation for the cause of Saints where the investigations were being carried out.

2015 – On 18th March, Pope Francis ordered the promulgation of the decree recognizing the miraculous cure of Carmen.

2015 – On 27th June, at the public Consistory, Pope Francis announced the date of the canonization of Blessed Louis and Zélien Martin. The canonization of the Martin couple would be on Sunday 18th October 2015 in Rome.

Videos of the beatification and the canonization of the Martin couple