give, always give and make people happy - Letter to her daughter Marie Louis
our heart is not satisfied with nothing until it sees the infinite beauty that is God - Letter to his daughter Mary Louis
I thank God for having given me such good children - Letter to his daughter Marie Louis
if the distance separates us a little, my heart is very close to you - Letter to his daughters Louis
the memories of all my life are so sweet that, despite the hardships I have gone through, there are times when my heart is overflowing with joy… - Letter to François-Julien Nogrix Louis
if the good Lord has tried you, he will fully compensate you - Letter CF 96 Zélie
the good Lord listens to children's prayers - Letter CF 88 Zélie
it is impossible for God to abandon you - Letter CF 81 Zélie
I no longer want to attach myself to anyone except the good Lord and my family - Letter CF 80 Zélie
I wish you all the blessings of Heaven; if the good Lord hears me, you will be the happiest of men, in this world and in the next… - Letter CF 76 Zélie
May the good Lord grant you resignation to his holy will - Letter CF 72 Zélie
if the good Lord does not want it, I resign myself to his will - Letter CF46 Zélie
I would like you all to be happy; but true happiness is not of this world, we waste our time looking for it - Letter CF31 Zélie
May the good Lord grant you resignation to his holy will - Letter CF72 Zélie
I have given everything to the will and grace of God - Letter CF18 Louis & Zélie
the good Lord gives only what one can endure - Letter CF6 Zélie
The best is to put all things in the hands of the good Lord and to await events calmly and surrender to his will - Letter CF45 Zélie
what do you want, I'm used to pain… - Letter CF38 Zélie
I do not treat my maids worse than my children - Letter CF29 Zélie
in the meantime, we will visit Lisieux quite simply. Don't be afraid that I will be bored, there is no danger! - Letter CF22 Zélie
the good Lord protects all those who have confidence in him - Letter CF1 Zélie
God first served Louis & Zélie
These are the little worries that will come, but in the midst of it all, there are also many joys - Letter CF21 Zélie