Thérèse looking for volunteers !

Every year, more than fifty people, French and other nationalities, come and give of their time to the pilgrims. They all relate the human and spiritual enrichment that their time in Lisieux brought them.

The volunteering period is divided into two seasons :

  • the summer, reserved for students, seminarians and young professionals
  • the rest of the year, that is to say from Easter to the end of June and from September to mid-October, is open to all willing people who are available !

In both cases, the volunteers are responsible for :

  • welcoming and giving information to the pilgrims and tourists who are visiting the Basilica, occasionally at Saint Pierre’s Cathedral or at the Buissonnets (St. Thérèse’s house) ;
  • taking care of reception in the exhibition areas and also, depending on the time of year, guide the pilgrims (guided visits of the Basilica and the other places of pilgrimage in the Summer) ;
  • helping with the youth gatherings (in May and June).

Conditions required for volunteers :

  • aged 18 or over ;
  • length of the stay : minimum stay of three weeks if you are coming for the first time ;
  • qualities : sensible and be able to take initiative, be available and open, be punctual, like good humour and comradeship.

Important :

  • If you are not Catholic thank you for letting us know.
  • It is imperative that foreigners can speak good French.

Experiences :

  • Each one of us volunteers leaves for home bringing with us the torch of Christianity with Thérèse who works 24 hours out of 24, 365 days and nights of the year to give us the strength and the courage to see this mission through : save souls. Andrée (France)
  • Links of prayer and friendship are created every day. All of these encounters will stay forever in my mind. Georgette (Belgium)
  • Every person is unique. We were able to bring away with us lots of things and graces. You are all so fulfilled and happy are those who meet you. Elie, Youssef, Rawad (Lebanon)
  • I’m leaving a new person who has changed not only because of St. Thérèse and the atmosphere in Lisieux, but also because of all those I encountered here Missy  (USA)
  • I will certainly promote volunteering in Lisieux ! I hope that others will know the same joy that I have encountered here : we receive so much from a human and a spiritual point of view. May St. Thérèse accompany those who are leaving and those who are coming ! Cyrille (France)