Foyer Louis and Zélie Martin

Open strictly only for pilgrims

The Foyer Louis and Zélie Martin is part of the Sainte Thérèse of Lisieux Sanctuary as a centre for spiritual welcoming, offering the possibility of being lodged and having your meals in the same conditions as in other religious homes.

The building structure easily allows the welcome of sick or disabled people (no medical help is given) but the Foyer Louis and Zélie Martin is very much open to all : individuals, groups or families who would like to experience their pilgrimage in joy, song and prayer.

  • On the ground floor, the foyer has a large room (caters for about 250 people) and a smaller room (caters for about 50 people) useful for gatherings such as meetings, conferences, prayer evenings, etc..
  • The two dining rooms are between the ground and the first floor.
  • On this same level, you can also meditate in the little chapel
  • The three otherlevels are for lodgings. The maximum amount that is catered for is 140 beds in 55 rooms : individual rooms, rooms for couples, rooms with 2,3 4 and 6 beds. The sheets are provided but not towels which you are asked to bring.
  • A big lift goes to the five levels of the building
  • and a car park is situated behind the building and is reserved for those staying at the Foyer.
  • Pilgrims can be lodged and have their meals there in the same conditions as in other religious homes.
  • Home cooking is plentiful and there is also possibility for those on special diets.

The Foyer Louis and Zélie Martin being situated near to the Carmel and the Basilica, pilgrims can easily take part in the activities organised by the Sanctuary of Lisieux : celebrations in the Carmel or the Basilica, discovery of the Thérèsian places (les Buissonnets, Saint Pierre’s Cathedral), visit exhibitions or diorama…


Foyer Louis et Zélie Martin
15 avenue Sainte Thérèse
14100 Lisieux
Tel : 00 33 2 31 48 55 00
e-mail :