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Two and a half years before her death in 1897 at the age of 24, as Thérèse Martin began writing down her childhood memories at the request of her blood sisters in the Lisieux Carmel, few could have guessed the eventual outcome. Yet this « story of my soul », first published in 1898 in a highly edited version, quickly became a modern spiritual classic, read by millions and translated into dozens of languages around the world. Decades later, in response to growing requests from scholars and devotees of the Saint, a facsimile esition of the manuscripts appeared, along with more popular French editions of what the Saint had actually written. Here, expressed with all of Thérèse's original spontaneity : confidence and love, the « little way », abandonment to God's merciful love, and her « mission » in the church and world today. Father John Clarke's acclaimed translation, first published in 1975 and now accepted as the standard throughout the English-speaking world, is a faithful and unaffected rendering of Thérèse's own words, from the original manuscripts. This new edition, prepared for the centenary of the Saint's death, includes a select bibliography of recent works in English on Thérèse, along with a new referencing system now widely used in studies of her doctrine. A faithful translation of the very famous autobiographical manuscripts of St. Thérèse. A best-seller first published in 1898 one year after her death and which made Thérèse known all over the world. An indispensable book to really get know St. Thérèse.

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A « Little Book of Thérèse of Lisieux » captures in simple format the very essence of the little Flower. The quotations gathered here, from Thérèse’s own xritings, sayings and prayers, provide a profound insight into the saint’s thinking, thus offering the reader food for thought and substance for prayerful reflection..

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Letter-writing at the turn of the last century was an important activity for the people of France. Those who received letters from family and friends alike usually kept the hand-written texts sent to them as precious gifts. That is why this collection of letters by and to one of the greatest saints of modern times is so interesting to us today. No mere notes slapped together in distracted haste, the missives found in this volume reveal communications of warm personal sentiment along with expressions of lively spiritual development. Thérèse's efforts as a fifteen year-old to enter Carmel before reaching the required age appear in revealing detail. This « tortuous course of a very subtle diplomacy » is set out not only by the letters of Thérèse herself, but also by those of so many others who shared her hopes and eventual victory. The translator-editor gives us 75 pages of introductory remarks which set the stage for and acquaint us with Thérèse's correspondence in this and in the second volume of her Letters. Saint Thérèse shows the path of her growth as a religious and deep spiritual writer in these letters. The reader learns much about all of Thérèse's correspondents, and gains familiarity with the development of her thought and message. This edition contains the results of recent fascinating research that unveils the setting in which she wrote. Fifty pages of « complementary documents » give us useful tools for studying the texts in this and also in ICS Publications' first volume of Thérèse's Letters. All the letters sent by Thérèse and all those she received plus very instructive introductions and notes : a very rich document giving a great possibility of becoming more familiar with St. Thérèse’s doctrine. An invaluable complement to her Autobiography. Volume I, 1877-1890 : from the very first letter she wrote with her sister Pauline guiding her hand to the day of her profession in Carmel when she was 17. Volume II, 1890-1897 : from her profession to death.

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Despite their importance, the poems of St. Thérèse of Lisieux are among the least known of her writings, previously available only in highly edited selections. Here for the first time in English is the complete collection of Thérèse's poetry, faithfully translated from the French critical edition by Donald Kinney, O.C.D. Also included are a preface by Jean Guitton, a general introduction to Thérèse's spiritual and poetic development, and individual introductions to each of the poems, indicating its background and significance. The volume closes with the French text of the poems and an index to their major themes and images. 63 poems and many notes. In addition to a general introduction, every poem has its own introduction givin information about its background and significance. The poems of Thérèse are a real mirror of her soul.

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St Therese of Lisieux is one of the best-loved saints of the Church. Her writings are amongst the most popular works of spirituality that the world has never known. Admitted to Carmel in 1888 at the age of fifteen, she only lived nine more years. St Therese wrote with utter simplicity, and yet, because of her outstanding spiritual discernment, John Paul II has declared her a Doctor of the Church. Her gifts as a poet, however, have remained largely unknown to English-speaking readers, here, for the first time ever, are English translations of no fewer than seventy-two of the poems of this remarkable Carmelite nun, more than in any previously published book : translations of all sixty-two of the poems in Un Cantique d'Amour, together with ten verse pasages from her plays, the Récréations pieuses. Also these translations have now all been made from the fully authentic original texts of Therese's manuscripts. Scholarly ans sensitive in his interpretation, Alan Bancroft captures the intelligence and fervour of Thérèse's verse. These poems, like her prose writing, celebrate her joyous surrender to the glory of God.These poems - like Therese’s prose writing - celebrate her joyous surrender to the glory of God.

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« For me, » wrote Thérèse of Lisieux toward the end of her life, « prayer is an inspiration of the heart, it is simple glance directed to heaven, it is a cry of gratitude and love in the midst of trial, which expands my soul and unities me to Jesus ». Besides the countless spontaneous prayers found throughout her autobiography, letters, poetry, and plays, St. Thérèse left behind 21 additional independent prayers, from every period of her life, here collected for the first time. In this book we find prayers to the Infant Jesus and the Holy Face, prayers to Mary and the saints, prayers composed in joy and sorrow, prayers written for her novices and missionary brothers. All of them reflect the Saint's passionate love of God, which she wished to share with friends near and far. The highlight of this volume is the first critical text of Thérèse's famous « Offering to Merciful Love », fully annotated. Ample background materials explain the setting and significance of each prayer. Scholars will find here essential information for the study of the Saint's doctrine ; general readers will find this book an indispensible resource for learning to pray as Thérèse did. « It is prayer, it is sacrifice which give me all my strengh ; these are the invincible weapons Jesus has given me. They can touch souls much better than words. » In addition to her manuscripts, letters, poems and plays, St. Thérèse wrote 21 independent prayers collected here. Published in English for the first time, the Critical Edition of her prayers is fully annotated and has a very informative general introduction. Includes the famous « Act of Oblation »

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Those who attended St. Therese of Lisieux during her last illness were living in the company of one of God's « greatest » saints, one prepared for our times. Fortunately for us they did not simply listen to her conversations, they wrote them down, totally unaware that eventually a great multitude of yet unborn friends of St. Therese would hunger for her words. After the passing of so many years since her death, September 30, 1897, and her canonization, May 17, 1925, there still is great interest in this very powerful friend of God. St. Thérèse day after day, suffering but smiling, praying, surrendering herself completely to the Love of God. 850 sayings noted by her sisters during the last six months of her life. The message drawn through these last words is full of realism and optimism : an edifying testament Thérèse left for us !

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Composed of 328 brief quotations arranged under 20 different topics, such as love of God, love of neighbor, faith, humility, detachment, confidence, self-abandonment, gratitude, zeal and suffering, The Thoughts of St. Therese consists of the Saint's own words and writings, from The Story of a Soul (her autobiography), Counsels and Reminiscenses, and her letters. This book will be a revelation to many that « The Little Flower of Jesus » (1873-1897), despite having lived and taught « The Little Way of Spiritual Childhood, » beloved and employed by so many people, was nonetheless an intrepid, ardent, dedicated and disciplined soul, a truly great, great saint and one who as a message for us all. For St. Therese possessed, as these pages so amply demonstrate, an intimate knowledge of our Faith and of Sacred Scripture ; she totally embraced suffering for the love of God ; and she abandoned herself so completely to Our Lord that she did not even concern herself over her own spiritual welfare. And in the process she acquired a profound Catholic wisdom untypical of a young woman who lived to be only 24, a wisdom which she communicates to us here so simply and so beautifully. It is impossible to imagine that any reader will come away from this little book without having been profoundly influenced by this great « little » soul who was totally transformed by her love of God. Amid the abundant writings of St. Thérèse there are so many beautiful fragments we would love to remember… Thoughts of St. Thérèse is a compilation of 328 quotations taken from The Story of a Soul and Counsel and Reminiscences (her sister Céline’s recordings), arranged under different topics : Love of God, Hope, Confidence, Simplicity, Prayer, Suffering… A real anthology of St. Thérèse !

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Therese's writings and counsels on Trust and Self-surrender. Hardly twenty-four years of age, Thérèse Martin died of tuberculosis in Normandy in 1897. From a large family, her mother had died of breast cancer when Thérèse was only four. Her father, a master watchmaker, died after years in a mental hospital. These writings show how it is that this young French woman, in such a short life, has inspired millions. In recognition of her special teaching mission for God's people, the Church has proclaimed her a Doctor of the Church, the only woman apart from Catherine of Sienna and St Teresa of Avila. This booklet is divided into 7 sections : Saint Teresa and the Holy See, The Secret of sanctity, Spiritual childhood, Simplicity, The Night of the soul, Charity, and lastly some Prayers of Saint Teresa. A well-chosen selection of St. Thérèse’s sayings, grouped into six chapters : the secret of sanctity, Spiritual Childhood, Simplicity, the night of the soul, charity and prayers.

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