Thérèse’s Normandy

Thérèse Martin was Norman from Alençon to Lisieux and was brought, throughout her childhood and adolescent years, to discover and love the beauty of the countryside.

The Country

  • Saint-Ouen-Le-Pin (9km from Lisieux) - Thérèse used to spend her holidays with her cousins on the farm (private place : no visits), property once owned by her aunt Madame Guerin. In July and August 1884, she came for convalesce after whooping cough. She was to return there in 1885. She stayed in the master house (private place : no visits) on the corner of the Roque-Baignard road and the path which brings you to the church of the village where Thérèse went to mass.
  • Ouilly-Le-Vicomte (5km from Lisieux) - Monsieur Martin accompanied by Thérèse, used to go there to fish in the Pâquine, tributary of the Touques river.
  • Rocques (3.5km from Lisieux). Monsieur Martin used to walk there to fish on the Pâquine river and to visit the church.
  • Saint-Martin-de-la-Lieue (4km from Lisieux) - This was the place, with its old 16th century manoir called Saint Hiippolyte, that Mr Martin used to fish in and where he caught on 8th September 1879 a fish weighing 2.170kg.
  • Pont-l’Evêque (18km from Lisieux) - Monsieur Matin used to go there to fish on the Touques river. An excursion that would bring Thérèse and her sisters Léonie and Céline in the fields surrounding Pont-l’Evêque.

The Sea

  • Trouville - Deauville (30km from Lisieux) - It was the 8th August 1878, at the age of five and a half, that Thérèse discovered for the first time the sea at Trouville where her father had brought her. In 1885, Thérèse spent a while in Deauville from 3rd to 10th May in the Roses chalet (private place : no visits) that she nicknamed the chalet of the Colombe/dove, situated 17 quai de la Toques. In 1886, early July, she came alone to Trouville to the Lilac chalet (private place : no visits). She only stayed three days there, falling sick because of the homesickness for the Buissonnets. From 20th to 26th June 1887 she went back to this same chalet on holidays, 29 rue de la Cavée.
  • Honfleur (35km from Lisieux) - In June 1887, Thérèse in the company of her father and her sisters Léonie and Céline, came to this lovely town. She went on pilgrimage to Notre-Dame de Grace to plead with Our Lady to gain permission for her to enter Carmel.
  • Le Havre (58 km from Lisieux) - With her father and her two sisters Léonie aged 24 years and Céline aged 18 years, Thérèse arrived on the quay of Le Harvre and went to the International Maritime Exhibition where 3000 exhibitors exhibited all along the Bassin du Commerce with boats from many different nationalities.

The Towns

  • Bayeux (70km from Lisieux) - On 31st October 1887, Thérèse, in the company of her father, went to Bayeux to ask Monseigneur Hugonin permission to enter Carmel. He refused to give his approval.
  • Caen (50km from Lisieux)
    • The Visitation : it was here that Léonie lived her religious life as Sr Françoise-Thérèse. Today, the crypt holds Léonie’s tomb. The present-day community carries out there the order of the visitation.
    • Hôpital Bon Sauveur : Monsieur Martin stayed there from 12th February 1889 to 10 May 1892. Today, it is possible to visit a modern chapel situated there.