Therese of Lisieux - N°6

You can find in this magazine : Thérèse and the Gospels ; Thérèse and the Blessed Virgin Mary in Walsingham ; Thérèse and the ordinary way to Holiness ; a special St Thérèse day in England ; Thérèse and the Eucharist ; pilgrims groups in Lisieux from many countries…

TDL n°6
Therese of Lisieux n°6

  • Editorial (Download file)
    « She’s been there ! »
    Msgr. Bernard Lagoutte
  • History
    Her Greatest Treasure : Thérèse and the Gospels (Download file)
    Fr. Aloysius Rego
    St. Thérèse and the Blessed Virgin Mary in Walsingham
    Fr. Peter Pitre
    Fr. Alan Williams
  • Message
    St. Thérèse and the ordinary way to Holiness (Download file)
    Msgr. Philip Boyce
  • Go out into all the world
    « A full day with Thérèse » (Download file)
    Sr Marie-Christine
  • Dossier
    Thérèse and the Eucharist (Download file)
    Benedict XVI
    Thérèse and the Eucharist
    Fr. Patrick Lemoine
    The Eucharist at the Heart of the Martin Family
    Mrs. Dominique Menvielle
    Lisieux, a eucharistic « Mount Tabor »
    Sr Marie-Christine
    The 50th International Eucharistic Congress
    Fr. Declan Hurlay
    Putting Jesus at the heart of our lives
    Fr. Douglas Harriis
  • News
    From USA, a musical work
    Christopher Wicks
    From UK - August Lisieux Retreat
    Fr. Joseph Farrell
    From USA, Missouri
    Christine Ehrhard
    From USA, Nebraska
    Sr. Karen Marie Wilson
    Scotland Motherwell
    Jane Burns
    From UK, Manchester
    Fr. Jim Clarke
    From UK, The Parish of St. Theresa’s of Lexden celebrated 40 years in 2011
    Mike Roche and Vicky Whittam
    From UK Salford with Fr. Paul Daly
    From UK, Chelmsford
    From the Philippines
    Fr. Marcelino Mesa
    From New Zealand
    Fr. Peter Conaghan
    From Japan, Diocese of Nigata
    American Pilgrims in Lisieux
    Fr. Peter Dugandzic
    From Canada
  • Letters to the Editor
    Rain of roses
  • Find out more
    Editor’s choice
  • Pray with Thérèse
    Jesus thirsts for Love ! (Download file)
    Fr. Patrick Lemoine

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