Therese of Lisieux - N°1

The story of Louis and Zélie Martin : their meeting, family life, the strong points of their spirituality, their holiness, and the graces they obtained…and Editor’s Choices to read !

Therese of Lisieux - N°1
Therese of Lisieux n°1

  • Editorial (Download file)
    Louis and Zélie declared blessed
    Msgr. Bernard Lagoutte
  • History
    A home of love : Louis and Zélie Martin
    Dominique Menvielle
  • Message
    Paola Mostarda
  • Dossier (Download file)
    A way of Life
    Faith and Trust in God
    Jesus present and served first
    The Virgin Mary
    Turning to heaven
    On suffering
    In charity
  • News
    Towards Beatification
    Marie-Béatrice de Cérou
    Miracle in Monza
    Testimony of Adele and Valter Schiliro (Download file)
    The spouses Louis and zélie Martin
    Fr. Antonio Sangalli
  • Letters to the Editor
    Rain of roses
  • Find out more
    Editor’s choice
  • Pray with Therese
    Those who have followed the inspiration of the Holy Spirit
    Fr. Patrick Lemoine

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