The Relics of saint Thérèse throughout the world

All over the world, with different demonstrations, it is through the reliquary that Thérèse is welcomed. Thousans of kilometers are travelled. What are the crowds coming from everywhere looking for ? And there are not only catholics but also those from various Christian churches or even people of different religions (notably islamic ?). Who are they looking for ?

The « media marketing tool » (as a professional from the tourist industry calls it) is however quite poor, despite the beauty of the casket offered by Bresil and its protective case made of plexiglass. The crowds show a child-like enthusiasm but nothing magical. They touch the reliquary and celebrate it in silent reverence or with joyous party-like attitudes ; flowers, plaudits, fireworks, song, orchestras…, but more than anything else they demonstrate prayer, veneration, emotion. They come to participate in the Eucharist and praise.

They do penance, receive the sacrament of Reconciliation, spend long hours praying… They want to get to know Thérèse, read her works, find pictures and medals of her. The veneration of the relics is certainly an experience of the believer before the sacred (a Muslim from the Lebanon : ’it is a blessing from God’). It establishes communication with God. So the important thing is to clarify what they represent.