The Disciples of Saint Thérèse

Spiritual Union on Thérèse

The Union for the Disciples of Saint Thérèse is an answer to the desire of men and women who are anxious to progress in Christian life by studying the young Carmelite of Lisieux.

Who are the Disciples of Saint Thérèse ?

In order to walk in the same path as her and to live the Word of God, Christians choose :

  • to pray as she did : « For me, prayer is an impulse from the heart, it is a simple look towards Heaven, it is a cry of acknowledgement and of love in the heart of an ordeal or in the heart of joy ; and it is something big, supernatural that dilates my soul and unites me to Jesus.”
  • to engage in her Little Way of Spiritual Childhood : « What pleases Him (Jesus) is to see me loving my littleness and my poverty, it is the blind Hope that I have in his Mercy.”
  • to enter into her preoccupation of the missionary of the Church : “I would like to be a missionary…In the heart of the Church, me Mother, I will be love and therefore I will be all !”

Through which means ?

  • prayer so that Jesus becomes for them, as for Thérèse, their unique Love, with the help of Mary, our Mother.
  • listening to the words of Thérèse : reading her writings and the works which develop her spirituality and the thérèsian magazines (Thérèse de Lisieux and Vie Thérèsienne).
  • the Eucharist and the sacrament of Reconciliation that are received regularly
  • meditation of monthly letters of the Union of the Disciples (and the Retreat at Lent).


  • "I would like to continue to receive the monthly letters which are a great comfort and can help me in my circle on an apostolic level." E.G.(75)
  • "Sister-Disciple of Thérèse, the monthly letters are like a message that she would write to me every month. I always find something to help me understand more deeply the Little Way.” a Carmelite in Portugal
  • "The monthly letters are precious support to prayer in particular in Lent at home." D.H.(47)

How to enroll ?

Inscription is free, as is the service for monthly letters. However, we thank those who can, who give a financial participation (10€ covers the cost of a yearly subscription). We would also like to thank those who can help the groups of the Disciples of St. Thérèse around the world, particularly those in Africa, to receive their letters.

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