• Since my young son entered to the Faculty of Science, I have never ceased to entrust him it to Saint Thérèse and to Mr. and to Mrs. Martin, asking them always to take care of him, especially at the time of the examinations. I have never doubted of their help and they always grant my request.
  • Thank you for the successes of my young son. I offer a Mass of Thanksgiving and a donation to Thérèse de Lisieux and I encourage readers to make their requests to Mr. and Mrs. Martin and their saintly daughter. - A Grandmother A.D.
  • I have arthritis and I have had difficulties walking. I requested Louis and Zélie Martin by making a novena. For some time I have been walking much better and I thank them. - J.D.(Rhône)
  • Please offer two Masses in honour of Louis and Zélie Martin to thank them for two graces obtained : negative test results for my son-in-law while we were in fear, and the success of a last chance operation that I had to undergo. For this, Mr and Mme Martin are highly praised. - Mme P. (Haute-Garonne)
  • I warmly thank Zélie and Louis Martin whose help I sought so that my daughter would get in a quarrel with her sisters-in-law on the occasion of the distribution of her parents-in-law estate. I am very happy because she has since accepted an invitation to a meal with the family of her late husband and all has gone well. Again a big thank you to Zelie and Louis Martin and to my dear little Thérèse. - Anonymous