Children friends of Saint Thérèse

Spiritual Union on Thérèse

An Association

  • founded by Mgr Suhard, Bishop of Bayeux-Lisieux (1928-1931). This association testifies of the place that children hold in the big spiritual family of Thérèse ;
  • the children are particularly entrusted to St. Thérèse. The first Sunday of every month in Lisieux the pilgrim mass celebrated for them ;
  • the parentsand their family find their spiritual support. In the light of the example given by Louis and Zélie Martin, they are encouraged to work on their spiritual awareness and on the Christian education of their children. It is why it is important that the children be enrolled by a close family member, a god-father or god-mother, who can participate in the magnificent task of shaping hearts.


  • « Dear St. Thérèse, through this letter we have come to ask you to protect Anne Rose. All of the children in our family are enrolled as Little Protected children. We have every confidence in you and we know that you will protect her and will guide her all through her life. » Mme A. (Vosges)
  • « Dear St. Thérèse, I am god-mother to a little girl name Julie who was born in Brittany. We know that you will look after her and will protect her throughout her life. We hope that she will be filled with Faith all through her life and she will be able to communicate it to others. » J et D F. (Vosges)

To enroll a child (under 12 ans)

  • Write to the Sactuary, indicating clearly :
    • his/her family name and christian name
    • date and place of birth
    • his connection with you
    • your address and that of the child who we will send a souvenir to.
  • The inscription is free. Those who may like to may make an offering, notably to cover the cost of postage.

For any information and inscription

  • Contact RIA au 02 31 48 55 08
  • Petits Amis de Sainte Thérèse
    BP 62095
    14102 Lisieux cedex
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