Their 150th wedding anniversary

150 years ago, Louis and Zélie Martin, parents of Thérèse, were married in Alençon and intended fulfilling their lives with a big family.

Work for a possible beatification of Louis and Zélie Martin began in 1957.

Alençon and Lisieux, July 12-13, 2008
150th wedding anniversary
of the Venerable Servants of God, Zélie Guérin and Louis Martin

Conference by Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins,
given at Alençon, France, July 12, 2008,
to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the wedding
of the Venerable Zélie Guérin and Louis Martin
(translated by Juan Marrera and Rosemary Peters for
from the French text at the Web site of the diocese of Seez)