Poetry of saint Thérèse of Lisieux

My life is but an instant, a passing hour. My life is but a day that escapes and flies away. O my God ! You know that to love you on earth I only have today !… Oh, I love you, Jesus ! My soul yearns for you. For just one day remain my sweet support. Come reign in my heart, give me your smile Just (...)

On the evening of Love, speaking without parable, Jesus said : « If anyone wishes to love me All his life, let him keep my Word. My Father and I will come to visit him. And we will make his heart our dwelling. Comimng to him, we shall love him always. We want him to remain, filled with peace, In (...)

There are some souls on earth Who search in vain for happiness, But for me, it’s just the opposite. Joy is in my heart. This joy is not ephemeral. I possess it forever. Like the springtime rose, It smiles at me every day. Truly I’m so happy. I always have my way… How could I not be joyful And (...)

Oh ! I would like to sing, Mary, why I love you, Why your sweet name thrills my heart, And why the thought of your supreme greatness Could not bring fear to my soul. If I gazed on you in your sublime glory, Surpassing the splendor of all the blessed, I could not believe that I am your child. (...)